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Airline Travel: In-Flight Entertainment Pricing & Inventory Optimization

Major US Airline Lacked Ability to Grow In-Flight Entertainment Revenues

A major US passenger airline had very limited visibility into In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) revenues, despite relying heavily on this channel to overcome tenuous margins in other revenue channels, such as bookings. Part of the issue was that multiple databases had no way of relating data to each other from different regions, and another part of the issue was that some of the data had to be manually coded into the system.

Revenue Data Platform (RDP) Generates Automated Data Feeds & Real-Time Insight

Transform's RDP created automated data feeds, enabling real-time insight and reducing the negative bottom-line of manual data entry. The RDP connected with multiple internal databases to create a single source of truth for IFE inventory and revenues. The RDP then delivered predictive revenue forecasting, as well as pricing optimization models through its embedded machine learning algorithms. All of this value was delivered through the RDP, in a monthly SaaS subscription model.

RDP Empowers Airline IFE to Grow Revenue

RDP created efficiencies and identified opportunities for growing revenue by adjusting pricing on certain high-value inventory items within the in-flight systems. The RDP also correlated customer data to demographic and psychographic external data, to provide never-before-seen per-flight cohort analysis - the result was the ability to emphasize the right products through the IFE systems to particular customers. This yielded new revenues for the airline.

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