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Telecom: Awareness Insights

Telecom Co. Lacked Customer & Competitive Awareness Insights

One of the 'Big 4' US Telecom companies came to Transform seeking an answer to the question: "Why is T-Mobile winning the awareness battle so effectively?" Attached to this question were other issues, such as who their core audience was, where they lived, and how they could position themselves as a brand that was attractive to new customers. 

Our Revenue Data Platform's Proprietary 'Awareness Index' Produced Never-Before-Seen Intelligence

Transform's Revenue Data Platform (RDP) ingested data from social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, etc.), social listening (200+ million websites), search trends, SEO and SEM competitive metrics, leveraged natural language processing, and generated brand insights about the Telecom company and its competitors.

RDP Enables Competitive & Landscape Intelligence at Scale

Several dozen queries were generated to produce a novel's-worth of insights, distilled into 9 actionable recommendations, which included messaging and positioning for go-to-market approaches that would highlight the Telecom company's strengths. RDP also generated recommendations for social media teams to optimize their organic and paid activities across social channels. RDP's approach to awareness insights is surprisingly comprehensive - and can augment or even replace qualitative, small-scale approaches such as focus groups and surveys. More and more companies articulate a need to understand as much about their customers as possible, and not just the opinion of a handful of respondents.

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