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Technology: Market Opportunity & Go-to-Market Strategy

Fortune 150 Tech Co. Sought to Attract New Channel Partners

One of the world's largest business-to-business technology firms sought to attract an entirely new and growing segment of channel partners. As a hardware company that had only dipped its baby toe into software, Tech Co. needed ideation and strategy on new product offerings and their market potential. Traditional approaches - surveys and focus groups - are part of the reason Tech Co. had struggled to innovate in the past. Tech Co. sought a vendor who could rapidly analyze the market, recommend new product offerings, scope their potential impact and target audience, and produce effective go-to-market strategies.

Revenue Data Platform (RDP) Evaluated New Product Offerings & Delivered Market Trend Insights

Transform's RDP leveraged its awareness insights capabilities to evaluate current demand for new products, based on search trends, social listening data and many other sources. The result was a distillation of 3 potential products and their respective audience sizes. Tech Co. selected one of the products, and Transform developed effective go-to-market strategies for developing the product, engaging channel partners, and generating demand. Transform's RDP platform was whitelabeled as the analytics for the product, and also support demand generation initiatives.

RDP Enables New Channel Revenues: 5,000 Business Licenses in the First 6 Months

Channel partners raved about the product direction and the potential for shifting into SaaS trends and away from dependency on struggling product categories. Customers loved the ease of use and revolutionary thinking behind the product. Transform's platform-driven approach to creating new product revenues was a success. 

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