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Revenue Data Platform for Telecom

Data-Driven Revenue Growth in Telecom

Today's telecom companies are in a constant battle for new messages, features and products to attract customers and upsell existing customers. But considering their IT groups are constantly working on advancing the product, growth initiatives fall by the wayside and are typically 'backburnered' - downprioritized.

Marketing and sales teams within telecom organizations need insight that doesn't require IT involvement to be developed. They need the ability to attribute business outcomes to their initiatives, which means they need solutions that can fit within their technology stack, and are not cookie-cutter.

Our Revenue Data Platform (RDP) enables data-driven growth in Telecom by tailoring its connectors to each company's environment, and enabling true marketing ROI by analyzing the relationship between marketing and revenue. The RDP also provides data-driven product innovation by analyzing consumer/customer trends across the web from millions of data sources, creating a sense of nearness to the customer mindset.

Telecom companies leveraging an RDP gain real-time, actionable insight and strategy for winning in today's cutthroat Telecom world.

Why is Data-Driven Revenue Growth Imperative for Telecom Companies?

Large telcos are working against the clock: someone among their competitors is sure to be thinking up a new feature or strategy for stealing customers, or making their existing customers more loyal. Major telecom companies need to understand their routes-to-revenue quickly, and identify growth opportunities with high probabilities of success (and low barriers-to-entry) in order to win.

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