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Revenue Data Platform for the Tech Industry

Data-Driven Revenue Growth in Technology

Major technology brands often sell through a variety of channels, from direct-to-consumer to wholesale to channel partners. As one would expect, this leads to fragmented revenue reporting and difficulty evaluating the impact of growth initiatives. And in today's tech-centric economy, innovation is crucial - but what exactly does 'innovation' mean and how can major brands - with their hefty systems and operational processes - partake of innovative revenue opportunities?

Revenue Data Platform (RDP) enables data-driven growth by creating omni-channel visibility for revenue, and enabling true marketing ROI. RDP also provides data-driven innovation by analyzing consumer/customer trends across the web from millions of data sources, creating a sense of nearness to the customer mindset, and enabling customer-centricity. 

The result is that our customers gain insight into their routes-to-revenue, and clear, achievable opportunities for new routes-to-revenue.

Why is Data-Driven Revenue Growth Imperative for Tech Companies?

Large technology companies are under constant threat of revenue dissolution due to startup interference, or product-market fit atrophe and aging. New companies are frequently launching new technologies, and without clear visibility into routes-to-revenue, enterprises have no way of keeping up. There is a crucial need for tech giants to innovate in today's economy, which is why more and more invest in data-driven approaches to analyzing revenue growth opportunities. 

After all, if there's accurate data to back it up, it's an easier internal sell and much more likely to be successful in-market.

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