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Revenue Data Platform for Media

Data-Driven Revenue Growth in Media

Media has been irrevocably reshaped in the past decade. Digital/mobile/integrated media have forever changed the way consumers consume content.

But which content is successful? How can you quantify content's impact? Archaic means of measurement (won't name any names here) aren't actionable or even very helpful. Media is in desperate need of new ways to understand why some content wins and other content loses. The resulting tradeoffs are the lifeblood of the content creating enterprise.

Revenue Data Platform (RDP) uniquely enables data-driven growth by quantifying content through sophisticated semantic metadata tagging. With a team of PhDs and data savants behind the technology, RDP makes your content tell a story in numbers, making it possible to correlate critical attributes (plot line, storyline, actor/character-on-screen, headline, tagline, theme, narrative arc, audio track, score, length/duration) to ratings & revenue.

Why is Data-Driven Revenue Growth Imperative for Media?

Without quantification and integrated analysis, media success remains a guessing game. And it's not like media companies aren't already trying to measure the success of stories, authors, writers, covers, trailers, films and shows - it's just that existing methods are far too slow and sloppy to be helpful for sustainable growth. 

RDP's approach is mind-bogglingly comprehensive - but elegantly simple. Quantify, integrate, analyze - and then improve.

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