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Revenue Data Platform for CPG

Data-Driven Revenue Growth in CPG

CPG brands are trying to find a firm foothold in a sea of shifting consumer trends - subscriptions, mobile Ecommerce, delivery and fulfillment startups, health and wellness. Not only that, but they sell through highly opaque channels: physical stores run by other companies. CPG brands need the ability to ingest a variety of unfriendly formats and sources to create a single source of truth for revenue. 

On top of this, they are usually marketing products with short shelf lifes and long, slow declines in popularity. Predicting consumer interest (through our proprietary Awareness Index) is critical to aligning inventory and engaging the right audience with the right message about the right product. 

Revenue Data Platform (RDP) enables CPG companies to win by accurately predicting revenue, and optimizing pricing, promotions and marketing initiatives (both offline and online) for impact on awareness and revenue.

RDP also presents a clear picture of historical and future consumer trends so that CPG companies can evaluate opportunities for new products.

Why is Data-Driven Revenue Growth Imperative for CPG Companies?

CPG brands are in a constant battle for shelf space and mind space, playing with the whimsical forces of attention spans and elusive consumer behavior. It's time to stop the nonsense of guessing what your customers are thinking based on a handful of surveyed opinions, and time to start analyzing your true marketing ROI: quantify all your initiatives and their ability to successfully drive revenue. Only then can CPG companies win.

And although investments in quantitative marketing are more common among CPG companies, they tend to forego analyzing awareness with a truly comprehensive approach. CPG companies need to quickly grasp the true nature of their brands' audience engagement, globally and quantitatively. 

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