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Retail Fashion: Revenue Insights

$500M Fashion Retailer Lacked Revenue Visibility

With no visibility into revenue generation across 400 global stores, the Fashion Retailer lacked the capability to understand growth. Poor integrations meant that store sales reports, benchmarks, and comprehensive revenue analysis were all but impossible. Sales databases were physically mailed from one regional headquarters to another, hindering time-to-insight.

Revenue Data Platform (RDP) Produced a Single Source of Truth for Revenue Insight

Transform's RDP connected with 7 internal databases accounting for thousands of tables, allowing real-time data ingestion from 400+ stores. Our RDP initially pulled over 16 billion records, some as old as three years. Updated every 10 minutes from critical business systems, RDP derived insight directly from the in-store systems, including store foot traffic, and produced predictive insights.

RDP Enables Data-Driven Revenue Growth

For less than 30% the cost of traditional (in-house) approaches, RDP produced board-level predictive insights. RDP is used across the organization for in-store conversion insights, product performance insights, pricing and promotions ROI, customer support insights & enablement, and market opportunity insights.

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