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New Service Makes Local News
Smarter, More Relevant

New Service Makes Local News Smarter, More Relevant

Transform, Inc. partners with comScore to bring pioneering machine learning technology to local TV news stations

SEATTLE, May 2, 2018 – A first-of-its-kind service aims to revolutionize the future of local television news, an industry grappling with unprecedented change. Machine learning startup Transform, Inc. is partnering with comScore to provide local news stations unprecedented insights into their audiences’ interests and behaviors across all platforms, enabling stations to deliver the most meaningful and relevant newscasts possible for their communities.

The Local News Intelligence Service leverages Transform Inc.’s Media Data Platform and comScore’s local TV ratings information to ingest, harmonize and analyze data from dozens of sources including total audience performance, video metadata, audience listening, promotions and external marketing.  Executives and news personnel responsible for growing audience and revenue will have a daily and complete picture of performance across devices and news elements that influence audiences in each market. News-Press & Gazette Company (NPG) is the first station group to pilot the new service.

“At NPG we strive to provide our teams the best possible products, and we look to partner with innovative startups in the market to help take our business to the next level. We see content metadata as a key to ratings and revenue growth. We are very excited to be the first user of the Local News Intelligence service,” said Michael Fabac, director of news and marketing for NPG.

This partnership is the latest milestone for the growing software company determined to fulfill the promise of big data by deriving real-time intelligence critical for success.  Companies turn to Transform Inc. to make sense of their mountains of data and for actionable insights to increase brand awareness, explore new product opportunities and provide much-needed strategy to grow revenue.

“As media companies and brands face the new challenges of a rapidly evolving landscape, nimble and data-driven decision-making that keeps up with the swift pace of market changes will be the key factor that determines success,” said Randa Minkarah, Co-Founder and COO of Transform, Inc.

Transform pulls together key sources including advertising/marketing, enterprise business and third-party data and translates them into the same language in a centralized way. Using predictions, recommendations and insights provided by the proprietary platform, brands get answers to questions about when, where, and how to best reach their customers; which content their ads will perform best alongside; what is their brand’s awareness in specific markets and demographics, and dozens more.  Brands receive answers in real-time, enabling leaders to course correct, maximize campaigns and seize new opportunities.

Headquartered in Seattle, Transform Inc. is pioneering AI/machine learning technology for revenue and audience growth through collection, translation and real-time analysis of data.  Its platform focuses on market segment data and never collects personally identifiable information (PII).

To speak with clients or learn more from the product and development team at Transform, Inc., contact crystal@s2spr.com.

Learn more about Transform at transform.co