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Media: Content Impact on Audience & Revenue

Major Media Company Lacked Insight into Content ROI

One of the world's most renowned media companies had no insight into which aspects of prime-time television series drove success or failure. In fact, one series was wildly popular - both in ratings and in quantitative audience data - and another was floundering. The biggest hurdle was the lack of quantification on the content itself - scenes and episodes - making it impossible to correlate creative to outcomes, such as audience ratings and ad revenues.

Creative Metadata and Predictive Modeling: Content Optimization

Transform deployed its Revenue Data Platform (RDP) to parse each episode and scene with a large variety of attributes, including storyline, character, actor-on-screen, plot device, budget components. RDP integrated with a variety of data sources, including the media company's proprietary content database, and external data sources such as social listening. RDP's Creative Media Bot then tagged each scene with metadata, and other machine learning algorithms were deployed to correlate metadata (content) to audience ratings and ad revenues.

The Result: Ad Sales Enablement & Creative Planning Optimization

Since media companies grow their revenue by selling more advertising and creating better content, RDP produced valuable insight towards growth opportunities. The vast array of recommendations included which how frequently to use guest actors, which storylines to emphasize, which plot devices most effectively influence ratings, which advertisers to sell to in order to align with major audience cohorts, and ultimately: how to make a better television show.

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