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Macy's: Awareness Insights & Optimization

Macy's Lacked Customer & Competitive Awareness Insights

Macy's Private Brands needed to understand who its audience was - their lifestyles, their interests - and how they compared against their direct and aspirational competitors. They had no way of knowing if their celebrity marketing was effective, or how their digital and social media efforts influenced audience and sales.

RevTech's Proprietary 'Awareness Index' Produced Never-Before-Seen Intelligence

Transform's RevTech platform leveraged data from social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, etc.), social listening (200+ million websites), search trends, SEO and SEM competitive metrics, to produce product and brand insights for both Macy's and its competitors. 

RevTech Enables Awareness Marketing ROI

Within minutes of delivering the insights, RevTech highlighted marketing efficiencies and inefficiencies - such as the failure of celebrity investments to produce significant awareness. RevTech also produced recommendations for optimizing awareness marketing initiatives, based on competitive share-of-voice and channel visibility between search and social.

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