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National Hotel Brand: Pricing & Promotions ROI

National Hotel Brand Lacked Insight into Pricing's Impact on Revenue

Across dozens of regions and hundreds of metro areas, different booking systems and inventory databases made it impossible for a National Hotel Brand to correlate pricing adjustments to revenue. In particular, cannabalization of revenue due to affiliate and 3rd party resellers was a complete mystery.

RevTech Produced a Single Source of Truth for Pricing, Inventory and Revenue Insight

Transform's RevTech platform connected with all relevant internal databases representing a vast away of data - a multi-Terabyte environment. RevTech's self-constructing datastore and self-organizing database cleaned and harmonized billions of records in rapid time. Within a handful of weeks, the National Hotel Brand was able to see a comprehensive picture of revenue throughout the organization, and now had a playground for analytics exercises concerning pricing and promotions.

RevTech Drives Results Through Data-Driven Recommendations

For less than 30% the cost of traditional (in-house) approaches, RevTech produced board-level predictive insights. On top of this, RevTech delivered clear value by leveraging its machine learning algorithms to determine the impact of pricing adjustments and promotional campaigns on top-line growth. 

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