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Consumer Packaged Goods: Awareness Marketing Optimization

CPG 'House of Brands' Lacks Ability to Optimize Awareness Efforts

In the highly competitive world of grocery store shelves, consumer mindset and recall (see Daniel Kahneman's "Availability Heuristic") are paramount to success. Generating awareness and demand, therefore, is the obvious mission of many CPG marketers. But current approaches for measuring the success of awareness marketing are limited in scope - everything from focus groups to surveys and NPS (Net Promoter Score) rely on a few dozen to a few hundred respondents. When dealing with a target audience and potential markets of millions, this is clearly insufficient.

Revenue Data Platform (RDP) Delivers Comprehensive Brand Insights

Transform's RDP successfully predicts awareness outcomes by leveraging a proprietary 'As-Comprehensive-As-Possible' approach, leveraging data from vast stores around the web already built-in as parts of the platform. CPG marketers see how to line up objectives with actual touchpoints, by using an Awareness Index based on real customer touchpoints at scale - everything from social listening (200+ million websites scanned for mentions of brand/topic/competitor keywords, then using industry-leading Natural Language Processing on the results to derive sentiment & behavioral insight), to owned social analytics (audience & engagement metrics from brand social network accounts), to search trends (relative indexes of search query behaviors), to competitive SEO metrics (domain authority, external links, number of top-ranking queries), to competitive SEM metrics, to owned email initiatives (opens, clicks, CTR), to paid impressions and ad recall metrics, to PR placements and estimated impressions. All available metrics (for each brand, product, competitor and topic) are incorporated via weighting and normalization into a cohesive, intelligible index.

RDP Models Recommendations for Increasing Awareness

Once the data is normalized, CPG marketers received actionable recommendations for shifting messaging, media channels, tactics and overarching strategies to increase the most important metrics across the digital touchpoint landscape. For example, CPG marketers may be directed to invest more in specific keywords from an SEO standpoint, because of their success in driving competitor awareness and their correlative ranking to revenue metrics.

For more insight on how Transform views the omni-channel landscape, see our acclaimed whitepaper: Omni Funnel: The Marketer's Complete Map of the Customer Journey.

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