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Case Study: Digital Marketing Optimization

Global Ecommerce Brand Lacked Insight into New Customer Acquisition

A major ecommerce company had spent years targeting a single customer profile and needed to expand its ability to drive new revenues by branching out to acquire new customers. In order to this effectively, they realized the need to optimize their customer acquisition efforts. But in their current state, they had no way of connecting revenue to marketing initiatives, and recognized the limited nature of digital attribution approaches.

Revenue Data Platform (RDP) Optimized New Customer Acquisition

Transform deployed its RDP platform to integrate directly with the customer's ERP, ad server, and nine different media channels. RDP then analyzed the relationship between revenue, new customers, and marketing investments, producing predictive insights and recommendations for optimizing across all 9 digital channels. RDP's machine learning algorithms also presented an overview of their accuracy in predicting outcomes.

The Result: 10X True Marketing ROI

Using RDP, the agency was able to run a fully optimized campaign that produced a lifetime value ROI of 10X the marketing investment. The agency was also able to run its own scenarios within RDP, holding media investments constant in certain channels. RDP's Marketing Optimization Bot produced recommendations based on these user-defined scenarios as well. 

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